Bathurst Football Referees Association (BFRA) Inc.

The BFRA was founded in 1962 at a meeting held at the Red Rose Cafe in William Street. The inaugural president was Hayden Davies

BFRA Life Members

Hayden Davies

Hayden Davies was the inaugural president of the BFRA in 1962

Tony Pollard

Tony Pollard became a life member in 19xx. Upon moving to Sydney, Tony officiated in a number international matches. Tony now resides in Bathurst again.

Walter 'Wally' O'Donoghue

Wally became a life member in 19xx. He is also a life member of Bathurst District Football. Wally Passed away in 2009.A memorial seat has been installed in front of the refs room at Proctor Park in Wally's memory.

Andrew Short

Congratulations to Andrew Short who was awarded Life Membership of the BFRA at the 2010 BFRA AGM. Andrew has been a tireless worker both on and off the field for the BFRA for almost 20 years and is responsible for instructing almost every member of the BFRA in the entry level referees course. Andrew also holds a NSW class 1 referees certificate and is one of the most experienced and respected referees with the the ranks of the BFRA and the central west.

Without the support of Andrew the BFRA would have found it extremely difficult to run a quality course to introduce new members to the world of football refereeing hence keeping the game as strong as it currently is in the Bathurst region. The BFRA committee would once again like to thank Andrew for his many years of service to the association along with his wife Julie who provided us with a biography of his achievements , photos for the wall frame and keeping it a secret from him until AGM night!!

Chris Orme

The BFRA committee would like to welcome Chris Orme as the newest life member of the BFRA. Chris was awarded his Life Membership at the the 2013 AGM. Chris has been a dedicated member of the BFRA both on and off the field. Chris has been a member of the committee since 2001 and has primarily held the positions of President and Appointments Chairperson. He continues to hold a position on our committee, however, has chosen to tackle the changing face of association Registrar with online registration of members now an expectation. and held a number of positions on the BFRA committee over the years including the role of President and Appointments Chairperson.

Chris completed the referees introductory course in 1998. Since that time he has refereed junior local games, senior local games and games within a variety of state based competitions. Chris continues to stay abreast of refereeing standards and expectations. He has a wealth of knowledge in regards to the laws of the game and is always striving to bring this knowledge to all members. Chris has been an important member for our association as a referee on the field but also as key person in the organisation and operation of our association. It is fitting that in 2013 we honour his commitment and contribution to our association and football generally in our area.